Ukraine emergency. Widespread reception dashboard

Data on the widespread reception provided by Third Sector and Social Private Entities.

The dashboard shows the data on the widespread reception provided by Third Sector and Social Private Entities on the national territory for people from Ukraine.

With reference to the 29 Third Sector and Social Private Entities positively evaluated by the Commission established by the Head of the Department on April 22, 2022, a list is displayed in the dashboard, specifying for each Entity whether it is:

  • Activated with an agreement: Entity that signed the agreement for the widespread reception offer with the Department of Civil Protection, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces and the National Association of Italian Municipalities.
  • Under verification: Entity that has not yet signed the agreement because it is under previous documentation verification phase.
  • Not activated: Entity that has offered widespread reception services only in Calabria, Basilicata or Sicily, or in regions where there is currently no particular need because they do not host people in hotels or accommodations.
  • Withdrawn: Entities that, following the Commission's positive assessment, withdrew their offer of widespread reception.

In relation to the Entities activated with an agreement, the dashboard shows the figure of available places, which can also be consulted at the territorial level.