Map of Rapid Emergency Planning in the Phlegraean Fields

Within the Rapid Emergency Planning foreseen by Art. 4 of DL 140/2023, the "intervention area" has been defined in the municipalities of Pozzuoli, Bacoli, and Naples (Bagnoli and part of the municipalities of Soccavo/Pianura and Posillipo) most affected by the phenomenon of bradyseism and therefore seismicity and ground deformation. The "intervention area" is characterized by uplifts equal to or greater than 10 cm since 2015 (equivalent to about 20 cm since 2006). It includes a total population of 84,961 people and a total (estimated) number of residential buildings of 15,516.

A "restricted" intervention area has been identified inside the intervention area, where the most significant effects could occur on a widespread basis if the bradyseism phenomenon were to continue and/or intensify. This zone is characterized by uplifts equal to or greater than 30 cm since 2015 (about 45 cm since 2006) and includes parts of Pozzuoli and Naples (Bagnoli district) municipalities. It covers a total population of 33,653 people and a total (estimated) number of residential buildings of 6,929, distributed by the municipality.

In the intervention area, the activities provided for in Art. 2 of DL 140/2023, which foresees the implementation of an Extraordinary Plan for the vulnerability analysis of public and private buildings, are conducted.

To know if you live, work or reside in the "intervention area" or the "restricted intervention area", type your address in the search bar at the top right of the map.

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Finally, inside the map, in the upper right corner, there are two buttons, "Measure distances and areas" and "Print," which enable you to take measurements on the map and print it. Here is available all the documentation about the items displayed on the map.