Radar Platform

Radar-DPC is the platform of the Civil Protection Department that allows to see on a national scale both ongoing phenomena and phenomena recorded within 24 hours through the elaboration in real time of raw data from the national radar network, rain and temperature stations networks, satellite data and lightning network. Together with the Department, the Regions take part in the production of these data through the Network of Functional Centers, the national Enav-Ente for flight assistance and the Italian Air Force.

On the map you can set up a basic product by choosing between:

VMI (Vertical Maximum Intensity) and SRI (Surface Rainfall Intensity) to know where important phenomena are in progress. Data are updated every 5 minutes;

TEMP to view the temperature map recorded on the ground by ground thermometric station. It is updated every 60 minutes;

SRT (Surface Rainfall Total), representing the accumulated rainfall every 1,3,6,12, 24 hours by integrating radar network data with data of the pluviometric stations on the ground. It is updated every 60 minutes.

Depending on the product chosen, the legend on the map changes.

The user - who can choose to display the map even on a dark background (DarkBaseMap) - can superimpose other information on the set product, choosing between:

DPC - IR108 representing the cloud cover; by processing satellite data on the infrared channel.It is updated every 5 minutes;

LTG (lighting) representing the lightning map. It is updated every 5 minutes;

WIND AMV (Atmospheric Motion Vector) representing direction and intensity of the wind at high altitude by processinf satellite data. It is updated every 20 minutes;

DPC - HRD (Heavy Rain Detection), which can be seen by setting  as a basic product the VMI or the SRI. It identifies where important phenomena, classified according to a Severity Index , occur and displays their possible trajectory in the very short term. It is updated every 5 minutes;

By checking the "Radar" function, it is possible to check where the devices are located and whether they are all functioning.  In case of malfunctioning of one or more instruments, the picture reported could result partial visible and possible disruptions cannot be assessed.

Among the functionalities of the platform it is possible

search for a specific address on the national territory

download the data regarding the chosen basic product

observe the animation of the images acquired in the last 24 hours.

It is also possible to enable or disable updates notifications on the map.

Here all the specifics about the platform and the products are available.

For more information on the Radar Platform services, check the Department's youtube channel and watch the video tutorial.


In case of malfunctioning of one or more instruments, the picture reported could be partial and the presence of any disruption cannot be estimated.
The products, as published in real time, in some situations may not be consistent with the phenomenon in place, due to anomalies not always identifiable during the complex automatic process of data acquisition and processing.
The information contained in the images are for information purposes only.

Starting from October 11, 2021 the DPC-Radar services will be supplied by a new infrastructure on a Cloud platform.
The delivery address of the web application will remain unchanged, and the switch will be clear for all users. The back-end service interface addresses (API, Geoserver, Geowebcache) will be modified, accordingly the users are invited to modify the service requests following the new addresses, published in the official documentation of the Radar-DPC service.

For further details go to https://dpc-radar.readthedocs.io