Map of National Emergency Planning zones in the Phlegraean area

The map shows the red and yellow zones defined in the National Emergency Planning for Volcanic Risk in the Phlegraean area. The areas were identified in the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of June 24, 2016.

The red zone is an area at high risk for pyroclastic flows, which are extremely dangerous due to their high temperatures and speed. In this zone, in case of "alarm," preventive evacuation is the only protective measure for the population. Within the area there are approximately 500,000 residents.

The yellow zone is the area exposed to significant volcanic ash fallout in case of eruption. This area may require temporary removals of the population living in vulnerable buildings or challenging to reach due to ash accumulation. In the area, there are over 800 thousand residents.

The waiting areas are the areas from which, in case of a declaration of " alarm," buses of the Campania Region will depart to drive citizens to meeting areas outside the red zone. They are identified in municipal Civil protection plans.

The meeting areas are the 6 areas outside the red zone, from which citizens who choose assisted transportation (via bus, train, ship) depart to reach Regions and Autonomous Provinces twinned with their Municipalities.

To know if you live, work or reside in the red or yellow zone, type your address in the search bar at the top right of the map. By clicking on the location identified, you will find more information on what is provided for your area by the Civil Protection plan: waiting area, meeting area, means of transport, Region or Autonomous Province twinned with your municipality and rules of conduct.

By clicking on the symbols representing in blue the waiting areas and in green the meeting areas, it is possible to read further information. By clicking on the corresponding item in the information box, it is possible to check both the information related to the areas (waiting or meeting areas) and that related to the zone (red or yellow zone).

From the "Manage layers" button, at the top left, it is possible to select and manage the information displayed on the map, hiding, centering or raising the opacity of each "layer" or information layer related to the red zone, yellow zone, waiting areas and meeting areas. In addition, with the "Base map" feature, you can change the background map (which by default is Google normal).

Finally, inside the map, in the upper right corner, there are two buttons, "Measure distances and areas" and "Print," which enable you to take measurements on the map and print it.

Here is available all the documentation about the items displayed on the map.